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Michigan Profile for Healthy Youth
Our school is taking part in the Michigan Profile for Healthy Youth survey supported by the Michigan Departments of Education and Health and Human Services.  The research survey will ask about the health behaviors of 9th grade students.  The survey will ask about behavior and attitude related to nutrition, physical activity, injuries, tobacco, alcohol, and other drug use.  It will also ask about sexual behaviors that cause AIDS, other sexually transmitted diseases, and pregnancy.  The survey has been designed to protect each student’s privacy.    
Students will be asked to complete an online survey at a private computer terminal.  Participation in the survey will cause little or no risk to any student.  The only potential risk is that some students might find certain questions to be sensitive. Students will not be asked to provide their name or any other identifying information.  Also, no school or student will ever be mentioned by name in any reported results.  The results of this survey will help students in the future.  We would like all selected students to take part in the survey, but the survey is voluntary.  No action will be taken against the school, you, or the student if the student does not participate.  Students can skip any question that they do not wish to answer.  In addition, students may stop participating in the survey at any point without penalty.
The surveys are available at the school for your review.  If you have any questions please contact Kenn Kott at, or 723-2547.

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As always, our goal at Manistee Middle / High School is to provide the utmost in educational opportunities for our students - utilizing both our  state of the art  facilities and outstanding staff.  Whether running a host of challenging classes or providing support systems along the way, we strive to do it the Chippewa way - the right way - every day.  We look forward to another great year full of our traditions of academic and activities excellence!  Our commitment to your expectations continues to make Manistee Area Public Schools the schools of choice. 

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The first place you'll notice our commitment to excellence is right here on our outstanding web page. Please take advantage of our current array of quick links to become a partner in your student's education by accessing our academic calendar, a variety of academic and activity schedules, and other educational resources.   You will also want to make sure you have set up an account for PowerSchool.  This interactive tool lets you see what and how your student is doing in every single class, and is a quick and easy way to communicate with his or her teacher.  For graduation requirements, academic information, building and athletic policies and more click on the Student Handbook link.

For a look at our seasonal sports schedule, click on the Activities tab on the top.  Also, make sure you refer to our Announcements section.  Each will provide you with the latest information for both educational and activity opportunities.

We would also like to remind both students and parents of our student email accounts.  You can expect the office and other MHS groups to increasingly send information using these accounts. Students may check their accounts utilizing the school network, clicking on the link to the left.

You may have also heard of our recent efforts to purchase enhancement items for the state-of-the-art MHS Auditorium.  Please look under the quick links for the Auditorium Enhancement link to see how you can be part of this ongoing effort to support the long tradition of excellence of MHS performing arts.

For information on the beautiful Paine Aquatic Center, click on the Community Pool link on the left.

Finally, be sure to check out one of our favorites - our Featured Alumni link located in the Alumni tab above.  Here you'll see stories of past students who help to generate our Chippewa Pride every day. We continue to be proud of the great things our students achieve beyond MHS.  If you know of an alumni who should have his or her story told, please e-mail me at

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