350 Club

Manistee Chippewa 350 Club Athletic Boosters
Manistee Chippewa 350 Club Athletic Boosters is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to preserve, enhance and expand the total interscholastic athletic programs of Manistee High & Middle Schools. The method is to provide assistance to the athletic programs of MAPS, provide volunteer help for athletic events, facilities and programs and to promote attendance at and community support of athletic events. 350 Club general membership is voluntary and all members are welcome to attend meetings but are not restricted in any way to participate in club functions. If you're interested in becoming a member, please contact any of our current board members:

Mark Sandstedt - President <mark@mscreativeservices.com>
Jon Adams - Vice President   <jonadams@interstateasphalt.com>
Stacey Polcyn - Treasurer  <polcyn4@hotmail.com>
Michelle Lindeman - Secretary  <urdabos@yahoo.com>
Kathy Harrigan - Trustee   <harrigankathy@yahoo.com>
Jamie Tabaczka - Trustee  <jtabaczka@gmail.com>
Ryan Helminiak - Trustee  <rmh003@aquinas.edu>
Nick Callesen - Trustee <ncallesen@gmail.com>