Rose Savela - Class of 2010

From her former principal, Andy Huber, on 12/2/2013:

This past weekend our family had a chance to watch Rose Savela play at U Indy where she is finishing up her senior season on the basketball team; what a role model she continues to be!

To start, she read the sportsmanship speech before the game - which she has done for 4 years as a leader in athletics.  Also, you may not realize that Rose has persevered through several injuries that would ended the career for many students.  As she works through her most recent challenge, she is the first player off the bench to support her teammates with genuine enthusiasm.  And finally, in spite of her busy schedule, she came to speak to our kids afterwards - where we learned of her involvement with the Make a Wish Foundation.  It's no wonder she was chosen to represent both her school and the foundation.

When so much negative is focused on college sports, what a great thing to see how much Rose has made from her opportunity.  She will graduate this spring and will enter elementary education where - no doubt - she will continue to inspire many other children as she always did during her time as a MAPS student.

Check out her part in this promotional video for NCAA Division II - and congratulate Laura and Doug the next time you see one of them!