PowerLearning Goals
The PowerLearning one-to-one laptop initiative will provide greater opportunities for students who will be full-time participants of MMHS programming in the following ways:
  • Academic achievement
  • Technology literacy
  • Engagement in their daily educational experience
  • Preparing for the requirements of college and the workforce
  • Teachers will be able to use technology for more inquiry-based, student-centered instruction.
Options for PowerLearning Participation
  • Check Out/In Option: Students will use the computer during the school day and must check in the laptop at the end of the school day. There is no user fee associated with this option. Students are responsible for any damage that is a result of not adhering to the PowerLearning Student and Parent expectations. A PowerLearning Agreement must be signed by parent and student and turned in before a student will be issued a laptop.
  • Take Home Option: Students can take home the PowerLearning laptop each evening for the duration of the school year.  A PowerLearning Agreement must be signed by parent and student and turned in before a student will be issued a laptop.  All fees and fines must be paid before participating in the Take Home Option. The Take Home Fee includes accidental damage coverage for families. See below for terms and conditions. Parents may still want to consider a rider on their homeowners/renters insurance to further reduce their liability.
    • Take Home Fee: If a family chooses the take home option there is a yearly fee that does two things: 
      1. Covers the district’s liability for the computer and associated equipment
      2. Provides accidental damage coverage with a $99 deductible. Multiple device damages and/or misuse situations by a student will be reviewed by administration for consideration of negligence/malicious behavior.
    • Take Home Fee Structure:
      • Full-Pay Lunch Students: $80 per year non-refundable fee 
      • Reduced Lunch Students: $50 per year non-refundable fee
      • Free Lunch Students: $40 per year non-refundable fee
        • Scholarships are available for families that cannot afford the above fee. Families must fill out the PowerLearning Scholarship Form which is available in the MMHS Office. Families must also submit a Free/Reduced Lunch Application to be eligible.
        • Households with three or more students taking home a PowerLearning device are eligible for a 30% Take-Home Fee reduction. It is the responsibility of the family to notify each school’s secretary upon payment that they are eligible for a family discount.
      • Apply for free or reduced lunch here: LunchApp

PowerLearning Scholarship Program
For those families finding the PowerLearning fee to be a financial burden, we have set up the means to allow their students to fully share in the success of PowerLearning. The fee is required in order to cover the necessary insurance for a student to be able to take the laptop home.  While it is not mandatory that students have computer access at home, being able to take home the laptop for homework and studying does increase student’s educational opportunity.  

Individuals and organizations can help to improve the PowerLearning experience for needy students by donating to the PowerLearning Scholarship Program. An individual students can be sponsored for as little as $30/year.

MMHS is always willing to work with families struggling to pay the PowerLearning fee.  In order to become eligible for the scholarship, parents will need to fill out an in-take form (similar to what is used for free and reduced lunch) and will then be asked to provide a statement regarding the need of the family.

If you are interested in donating or have questions please contact the high school office at (231) 723-2547 or by emailing Andy Huber at ahuber@manistee.org